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Water Re-routing

Water Re-routing

Re-routing & Plumbing Services for You

25 Years of Experience in the Plumbing Industry


You're one step closer to finishing that pesky bathroom or kitchen remodel. If it's your first time re-routing pipes, let us handle it. Plumbing can be a little more complicated than you might expect. Luckily, this is our expertise.


Pipe Rerouting: The Simple Solution to Reposition your Pipes


In order to create an environment based around the best water usage possible, new methods have been discovered for drain and water rerouting. This can vary from repairing specific sections of piping or reworking an entire system to make sure that the most efficient water routing possible is in place. We have the right equipment and years of experience to design a new system or repair your existing fixtures. 




We have a team of experienced plumbers who will work hard to ensure successful drain and water reroutes for your home or business. We work only with the best manufacturers and the highest quality materials to back up our commitment to quality for you.


We know that many homes and business have outdated galvanized water piping with very low water pressure which will continue to cause issues. Replacement is often required, and that’s where our expertise comes in. We can re-route the water in an entire building with minimum damage to your walls, which allows for easy repair and maintenance. This makes our job easier, which in turn makes your job easier!


Here's a great article on What to know about rerouting water pipes.


We can provide re-routing of your pipes in the following areas of central Illinois:

  • Rerouting in Bloomington-Normal
  • Rerouting in Champaign-Urbana
  • Rerouting in Greater Peoria, IL
  • Rerouting in Greater Springfield, IL
  • Rerouting in Decatur, IL


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Rich Heating-Cooling & Plumbing, at your service for all pipe drain repairs, repositioning and rerouting. Other services you may be interested in include:


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✓ Drain Cleaning - Drain Clogged


Need rerouting for a remodel project? When you move a sink, toilet, or shower, let us know! Schedule service by making a request at the bottom of this page.


water rerouting project for modern sink


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