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Frequently traveling across Central Illinois, Rich Plumbing provides homeowners, businesses, and builders with expert plumbing services in the Peoria, IL area. We are conveniently located near Peoria & Tazewell County to be able to quickly perform plumbing service & repair as soon as the need arises. Trust Rich Plumbing today for your next project!


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Our goal with each of our plumbing projects is for you to feel the peace of mind that you chose the right company because your problem was fixed on time & at a budget that is comfortable for you. We have experience over the past few decades dealing with a variety of plumbing setups and problems that arise, and will be able to help guide you through the process by setting reasonable expectations with a solid strategy in place. Other Peoria plumbing companies will just show up, hopefully do the work, and send a bill without much explanation or reassurance that your problem was properly fixed.


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Questions for Your Plumber


Before jumping into any project, we want to make sure that all of our customers properly vet both our company as well as other competing plumbers in the area. By asking the right questions, you can help narrow down some of the less honest plumbers in town and choose the right one for your next project.


Are They Licensed?

In Illinois, all plumbers that perform residential or commercial work must be licensed. Have the plumber you are thinking of working with prove to you they are licensed before approving any work to be done or signing any papers.


What is the Cost of Labor/Project?

When receiving quotes from multiple plumbers, the cost breakdowns of each one can vary widely, depending on their method of charging. For some plumbers, they charge a flat rate for a specific project, regardless of how long it takes. For others, they charge by the hour and you may find their projects surprisingly take extra time at the end. If they charge by the hour, make sure to have an estimate of exactly how long they plan for the project to take, and to get your approval immediately if it looks like it will take longer than expected at any point in the project.


What Are the Payment Options?

Some plumbing companies offer various financing terms on larger projects, while others simply with outsource the financing to a bank or collections agency. Other companies require payment in full before any work is performed. Be sure to know your payment options & expectations so that miscommunication around money doesn’t cause problems down the road with the project.


Who Will Actually Be Performing the Work?

Often, you will meet with the most experienced & senior person in the plumbing company. They may have decades of experience, be well-spoken, and sell you on being able to take great care of your home or business. Later, you may find out that they are not actually the ones doing the repair work, but instead the person performing the actual maintenance is an apprentice fresh out of high school. Be sure to know these details and get a good feel for who will actually be performing the work that matters to your home.


Is There a Warranty Offered?

Depending on the project & materials used, there may be manufacturer warranties offered. Know your options and costs associated with filing a claim for the manufacturers products should something happen down the road. Some plumbing service providers will also provide service warranties if anything repaired were to break within the first year.


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