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Heating Services in Bloomington, IL


Heating Services in Bloomington, IL


For years, Rich Heating & Cooling has been one of the premier providers of heating services in Bloomington, IL.


Leveraging the power of many different heating systems and methods, our customers have come to know us over the years thanks to us being able to massively increase the efficiency of their systems.


With lowered heating & cooling prices for their home throughout the harsh Central Illinois winters, our customers continually refer us to their friends & family when they are looking for a more efficient heating system as well.


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Don’t let your family be stuck out in the cold this winter, have the heating system you deserve with Rich Heating & Cooling. We install Trane systems that are able to run even under the harshest conditions. No other heating & cooling company in Bloomington-Normal can match what Rich Heating & Cooling can. With our transparent & upfront pricing, we are able to set accurate expectations with each customer to make sure they are getting the best possible system within their budget. There are many factors to consider when choosing to repair or improve your Bloomington heating service, let Rich Heating & Cooling come alongside you and be your guide.  


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Heating Bloomington, IL


At Rich Heating & Cooling, we have a dedicated team of heating contractors standing by and ready to help improve or repair your heating system. Other companies will often try to not only nickel & dime you, but also will advise you to take on projects and improvements you simple don’t need to. We have come into a home where the Bloomington homeowner was told they needed to replace their entire furnace, when in fact, the pilot light was simply burnt out.


No other Bloomington heating company will take care of you to the extent that Rich Heating & Cooling will. We truly care about each of our customers and want the best for their families each winter.


Hot Water Heater Bloomington, IL


In addition to heating & furnace repair, we provide excellent hot water heater repair services in Bloomington, IL. Families often come to us with the frustrations that their hot water heater ran out of water because someone took too long of a shower. With the advancements in modern water heater technology today, there is simply no excuse for this. We can advise & install a hot water heater that not only makes sense for your family’s needs, but also remains well within your budget.


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