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Energy-Saving Air Conditioning Bloomington IL

Energy compliance is an important factor when choosing air conditioning in Bloomington IL. Standards set by different governing bodies are there to ensure that air-conditioning set-ups provide the most efficient output at lesser cost. To satisfy the growing demand of energy-saving air conditioning products in Bloomington IL, manufacturers constantly come up with improvements that yield better designs and more efficient energy usage.

Because these innovations that come with modern air conditioning units have an initial price which is significantly higher than traditional air conditioning in Bloomington IL, many still stick to condenser-type air conditioners. However, those who have opted to use newer models such as inverter types have found that the savings from these kinds of equipment greatly offset their initial cost.

Desiccant-Enhanced Evaporative Air Conditioning in Bloomington IL

Research done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory or NREL has resulted to the development of the Desiccant-Enhanced Evaporative (DEVap) air conditioning system. This innovation of air conditioning in Bloomington IL can save 40-90 percent in energy usage. Not many residential applications have adopted the DEVap, but the coming years should see growth in the use of this technology.

This type of air conditioning in Bloomington IL basically separates the hot air input into two streams. One air stream is dried by a liquid desiccant, while the other air stream is humidified. When the DEVap system combines the two streams, it creates cool, dry air, with no coolant required. This means that the energy needed in traditional air conditioning systems is now greatly reduced.


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