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Air Conditioning Services in Bloomington IL


Air Conditioning Services in Bloomington, IL


For well over 25 years, Rich Heating & Cooling has been faithfully serving the Bloomington-Normal community. We specialize in plumbing, air conditioning, and heating systems repair & service across Central Illinois. Our number one goal is to make sure that you are the hero of your family, keeping them cool during the hot Bloomington summers! We have the experience necessary to help solve any problems your air conditioning system may present you with. Feel free to take a look across any review websites to see what our past customers have said about our team & the work we do!


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Repairing Air Conditioning Units


Two of the most common calls we get to repair air conditioning units in Bloomington are when the air conditioning system isn’t working properly & when there needs to be an annual cleaning or tuning of the system. Without a properly running system, you are potentially costing your family lots of energy savings benefits.


While there are certainly steps you can take to clean parts of your air conditioning unit yourself (and save money in the process!), we would not recommend taking apart the unit in an attempt to repair it. There are a few safety reasons for this, but also the evaporator & condenser, two very important parts of any system, are sealed an unable to be opened by anyone other than a trained & licensed professional.


We often are able to quickly help with the 3 main problems found in air conditioning units. Below, you will find a few steps to take before calling a local repair technician and hopefully save money!


  1. 1. The Air Conditioning System Isn’t Turning On

There can be many different causes for an AC unit not turning on or running properly. We would recommend checking the first few simple fixes before calling a technician and potentially having to pay for a home visit. First, double check to make sure your thermostat is turned on and set to cool. Make sure to read & understand the owner’s manual to make sure your system is operating properly. We often will come to a home to repair a unit just to find a thermostat system that is difficult to understand and not working properly.


  1. 2. Your Home Isn’t Properly Being Cooled

Most air conditioning units are able to keep the indoor temperature about 20-25 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Anything below 25 degrees cooler than outside causes even the best air conditioning systems to begin to fall behind. You may notice that on the hottest days of the summer, that your AC unit may begin to constantly run. This may not be a problem with the AC unit, it could just be that it wasn’t designed to keep your home so much cooler than the outdoor air temperature. If you think your AC system should be performing better than it currently is, you can have a trained professional from the team at Rich Heating & Cooling in Bloomington, IL come out.


  1. 3. Your Home’s Air Isn’t Being Cooled

The first two things to check when your home’s air isn’t properly being cooled are the thermostat & the system.  If the system is properly turned on and the thermostat is at a setting that normally cools the air, yet nothing is being done, we would recommend checking a few things before calling a certified professional. The main thing to check would be your air filter, a dirty air filter will not allow your air to properly flow over the evaporator coil, causing the coil to freeze & not run properly. If your filter looks normal, you may have to ask a professional technician focused on repairing air conditioning in Bloomington, IL.


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