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Heating, Air Condtioning, and Plumbing in Illinois


Welcome to Rich Plumbing Heating and Cooling. We are a professional service provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing in Bloomington IL, Champaign IL, Decatur IL, Peoria IL and all other areas in Central IL.

At Rich, we believe that ambient air quality is essential in every living and working environment. That’s why at Rich Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we make sure that your home or building gets only the highest quality heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services.

Professional Heating in Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur and surrounding areas

We offer heating in Bloomington IL, providing home and business owners with comfort during the cold winter months. All of our products are from top-of-the-line brands which you can rely on for their efficiency. We also offer high quality heating in Champaign IL, and heating in Decatur IL.

In addition to heating services, we also provide hot water heaters in Bloomington. Energy efficiency is our primary goal in all our installations. That’s why all the products that we provide you are properly calibrated to yield the most out of every unit of energy they consume. We make sure of that all of our products, including hot water heaters and furnaces, won’t let you spend a lot more on your energy bills. We also provide hot water heaters in Peoria and hot water heaters in Champaign IL, and we also do furnace replacement in Decatur IL and other nearby areas.

Providing comfort with our Air Conditioning Services in Bloomington, Champaign and all nearby areas

We install and maintain air conditioning in Champaign IL, and air conditioning in Bloomington IL, to provide you with comfort during warm summer days. After all, ambient air conditions are more conducive to work and living.

As with our heating products, our air conditioning systems also make sure that energy bill will stay right on the budget.

Plumbing in Champaign and Peoria, IL.

Good plumbing systems are also part of our services. We make sure that your water supply is efficiently routed in your home and building, and make sure that your water is there whenever you need it. Good plumbing is also necessary for sanitary and health reasons. At Rich, plumbing is one of our specialties.

We professionally install plumbing in Champaign IL, and plumbing in Peoria IL. State-of-the-art products and techniques are utilized to ensure that your plumbing systems work optimally, while keeping all your pumps energy efficient.

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Rich is located just off of U.S. 51 in Wapella IL.  We do business with individual homeowners, builders, property management companies and businesses of all sizes.  We also staff a dependable and courteous service department that is available 24/7.  We hope you have a moment to browse our site and familiarize yourself with our products.  Please feel free to contact our main office at 217-935-3092.

Rich Plumbing Heating & Cooling serves the following areas:  Peoria, Morton, Bloomington, Normal, Wapella, Clinton, Decatur, Springfield, Monticello, Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, Mahomet, Saint Joseph and all surrounding areas in Central Illinois.


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